General Terms and Conditions

Article 1 : Content and field of application

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter « GTC ») define the conditions in which VENTOURISME, commercial name of Mister Arnaud Pedretta’s Sole Trader (registered at Avignon Trade and Company Register under the no. 947 826 673 00016), (hereinafter « The PROVIDER »), supplies to the private consumer (hereinafter « The CLIENT ») who requests it, by one of the contact platforms available, especially the services detailed in the article 4 of these GTC.
These GTC apply, without restriction nor reservation, to all the favours done by the PROVIDER to the CLIENT.
These GTC are expressly accepted by the CLIENT, who declares and admits knowing them perfectly, and renounces, as a consequence, to claim all contradictory document.
VENTOURISME retains the option to modify these GTC all the time, to respect all new regulations or with the aim of improving his website’s use. As a consequence, the practical conditions will be the ones in effect at the date of the request by the CLIENT.

Article 2 : Informations

Mister Arnaud PEDRETTA, acting as a sole trader, is the holder of the insurance and licences listed below:
• Professional ability in road transport of people with a light vehicle not exceeding 9 seats, including the driver, no. JVE932206206, issued by the French DREAL;
• Licence to practise issued by the French DREAL;
• Justification of registration number at the Avignon Trade and Company Register;
• Transport insurance and professional public liability insurance professionnelle subscribed to insurance company Inter Mutuelles Entreprises, contract no. 971 0002 36398 R 30.

Article 3 : Pre-contractual informations

Before payment or booking, these GTC are passed on to the CLIENT, who admits he received them.
The following informations are relayed to the CLIENT in a clear and intelligible way:

• The essential features of the service ;
• The service’s price or the calculation method of the price and, if necessary, all the additional costs of transport, delivery or postage and all the other potential charges;
• The date or period to which the PROVIDER commits to performing the service;
• The informations related to the PROVIDER’s identity, its address details, telephone and electronic details, and to its activities;
• The expected terms and conditions for the complaints and the cancellation requests processing.

Article 4 : Services

The services offered are the ones appearing on the website subject to availability. VENTOURISME offers sightseeing tours, from about 4 to 9 hours, in Provence and more particularly in the French departments of Vaucluse, Bouches-du-Rhône, Drôme provençale, Gard and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.
Two (2) types of tours are offered to the CLIENT:

• The “ready to use” sightseeing tours: VENTOURISME offers many tours defined by the PROVIDER and whose prices are conveyed on demand or can be consulted on the website

• The “customisable” private tours on quotation only: the CLIENT fills the form which is on the PROVIDER’s website while mentioning the places he/she would like to visit, the PROVIDER then develops the tour (if possible according to the CLIENT’s selection) and the quotation. In case of validation of the quotation by the CLIENT, this one will have to pay through a secure URL link all the service at the latest one (1) week before the start of the service ;

VENTOURISME reserves the right to modify all the time the different tours offered. Every tour is shown on the website in the form of description taking another look at its main information: description of the route, dates, pick-up place and number of seats available.
For all tour (« ready to use » or « customisable »), a booking can be done for one (1) person only, but the tour will be able to occur only if at least two (2) people take part in it.

Article 5 : Prices

The prices appearing on each tour’s descriptions on VENTOURISME website are in Euros (€) including VAT. The PROVIDER declares not being subject to VAT.
The PROVIDER reserves the right to modify his prices all the time, however understanding that the price appearing on VENTOURISME website on the day of the request will be the only one practical to the CLIENT.

Article 6 : Booking

Per booking, it is understood here all order being about the services appearing on the PROVIDER’s prices, and accepted by himself.
All booking of tour is done on VENTOURISME website ( through the online booking system and according to the PROVIDER’s availabilities.
All booking arrived with the PROVIDER is considered final. It generates full and entire support and acceptation of these GTC.

Article 7 : Payment

The payment of the service is made when the booking is done on VENTOURISME website by debit card.
The paid price includes especially the admission tickets to the different places visited, the secondment of a driver during all the length of the tour, the pick-up from the departure place of the tour (Avignon tourist office or another departure place agreed between the parties) as well as the picnic for lunch if included in the service.

Article 8 : Cancellation and refund

On the CLIENT’s initiative:
All tour can be cancelled by the CLIENT at the latest 24 hours before the departure time expected for the service, by email or mail. VENTOURISME will keep only the fees it will have to pay to the online booking and payment system (from 1 to 3% of the total amount according to your home country).

In case of cancellation beyond this period, VENTOURISME will keep, as a compensation, 100% of the service’s price charged.
On VENTOURISME’s initiative:
In case of cancellation by VENTOURISME, the CLIENT will receive the immediate and complete refund of all the money paid.

Article 9 : Complaints

The CLIENT has a period of fourty-eight (48) hours from the service to transmit, in writing, all the reservations or complaints, with all the proofs pertaining to them, to the PROVIDER. No complaint will be validly accepted in case of failure to respect these formalities and periods by the CLIENT.
All the complaints, swap or refund requests must be passed by email to the following address: ; or by post to the following address: VENTOURISME – 364 chemin de Piochier 84340 Malaucène, France.

Article 10 : Responsability

During the whole tour duration, the CLIENT commits to respecting the vehicle, to not damaging it and to keeping it clean. The CLIENT also commits to respecting the safety rules inside and outside the vehicle communicated by VENTOURISME.
Every CLIENT is responsible for his/her belongings he/she would take during this tour. VENTOURISME will not be held responsible for losses or thefts of the CLIENT’s personal items during these tours, especially when these items are left unsupervised in the vehicle.
In addition, VENTOURISME will not be held responsible of the external harmful substances which would come to disrupt, interrupt or avoid the good proceedings of the tour, especially the negative atmospheric conditions, demonstrations or unusual traffic.

Article 11 : Force majeure

PROVIDER’s responsibility will not be able to be used if the non-implementation or the lateness in the execution of one his obligations described in these GTC comes out of a case of force majeure. To this end, the force majeure includes all external event, unpredictable and irresistible in the sense of the article 1218 of the Civil code.

Article 12 : Insurance

VENTOURISME is insured with Inter Mutuelles Entreprises, contract no. 971 0002 36398 R 30, for passenger transportation. This insurance covers the clients when they are  on board the vehicle. Outside these periods of transportation, the CLIENTS are covered by VENTOURISME’s public liability (subscript with the same insurance company) and only if VENTOURISME is made liable.
The CLIENTS are under their own responsibility in case of incident implicating their own responsibility. The minors are under their parents or their carers responsibility during the whole day (this includes the article L3342-1 of the Public Health Regulation which forbids to sell or to offer alcohol to clients under 18 years old).

Article 13 : Practical right and dispute

All dispute related to the interpretation and the execution of these GTC is subject to the French law. In the absence of amicable resolution, all dispute will be brought to the Commercial Court of Avignon.

Article 14 : Residence's choice

For the execution of this contract, the parties take up residence respectively :
• VENTOURISME at 364 chemin de Piochier 84340 Malaucène, France,
• The CLIENT, at the address indicated while booking on VENTOURISME website.

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